Ernesto Aurignac is currently one of the
most remarkable and interesting sax player
and composer on the Spanish jazz scene

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“One of the most sublimely assembled jazz orchestra’s of the 21st Century...”

Born in Malaga, Spain. Ernesto graduated in classical saxophone at a very early age at the Conservatorio Superior in Malaga. Then, he settled in Barcelona, where he studied jazz, modern harmony and improvisation.

He has a talent and an exquisite mastery of language's saxophone and the jazz tradition, adhering to the essence of Charlie Parker. He combines it with a surprising avant-garde maturity. He has a renewed energy and vitality that he never leaves indifferent to the public.

A vibrant and passionate performer, Ernesto Aurignac shares his music all over Spain, always achieving an enthusiastic response from the audience.

E. Aurignac plays "Charlie Parker with Strings"

Undoubtedly, enjoying the Ernesto Aurignac plays "Charlie Parker with Strings" project is an unique experience and immerses you in a trip through the sound of Charlie Parker.

Years ago, with the certainty of its value, Ernesto invested in original scores so he can contribute them to the Orchestras.


Jazz:  E. Aurignac, saxo alto & 1 piano, 1 bass and 1 drum.
Orchestra: 1 oboe, 1 french horn, 1 harp, 8 violins 1º, 6 violins 2º, 4 violas and 4 cellos.

E. Aurignac Orchestra “UNO”

Candidate Independent Music Awards as Best Jazz Album and Best Production of Jazz and Contemporary Music 2015


Audio tracks "UNO"
"Ain Soph Aur"

Ernesto Aurignac Orchestra was born from the experience and musical influences from his life. An original sound in which classical music and jazz come together into a whole that evokes the infinite One, title of his first album.

The theme "Astrologic" has gotten more than 20,000 downloads in the American Jazz portal "All About Jazz" managing to be the track most downloaded in 2015 and being recognized among the 10 most downloaded tracks the last 20 years.

E. Aurignac Quintet “ANUNNAKIS”

Ernesto Aurignac Quintet is an ensemble featuring some of the brightest jazz talents in Spain.

Audio Tracks "Annunakis"
"Ufos are here!"
"Todos somos monguis"
"La órbita de Venus"

The project explores original music that leads towards new undiscovered sounds that - while blending with a magical interaction between talented musicians - gives us the experience of a mystic and unforgettable concert.

Ernesto Aurignac owns an exquisite talent and knowledge of traditional and modern jazz alike, linked to the spirit of Parker and Ornette, combined with new vibrant energy. He has reached spectacular technical skills over his instrument - alto sax - and his original music has an impressive maturity and unique personality.

Ernesto Aurignac (alto saxo) / Jaume Llombart (guitars) / Roger Mas (piano and keyboards) / Dee Jay Foster (doublebass) / Joao Lopes (drums)

E. Aurignac Trio plays "Standards"

Ernesto Aurignac, saxo alto.
Pedro Campos, bass
Santi Colomer, drum

A tribute to the classic and popular themes of jazz history. To create your own music, to know the tradition and know the standards, because there is a structure of Jazz.

Audio tracks Standards
"Body and Soul"
" Long ago and far away"
"The girl from Ipanema"


One of the great passions of E. Aurignac is teaching and education

Its main objective is to convey the love and the importance of consistency in music. Working with passion and your dreams will come true.

Training is one of the goals of his career giving a vital importance to all kinds of educational projects. One of his greatest desires is to share and disseminate Jazz music in different areas and styles. Open to new training ideas and with full dedication, nowdays he combines his musical career with teaching at the Center for Arts and Modern Music of Malaga (CAMM) giving master classes to students from all over Spain. E. Aurignac Master-Classes teaches music, Jazz, Modern Harmony and Improvisation worldwide. His teaching skills are aimed at private and public schools, musical or artistic associations, orchestras, courses and seminars.


Live music full of intelligence, feeling and expressiveness. Creative freedom that is as brave as it is intensive.

Marco Mezquida (piano), Ernesto Aurignac (alto saxo), Ramón Prats (drum)


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